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Sports Camps In Colorado

There are hundreds of sports camps in Colorado. From general multi-sport camps to specialty programs that focus exclusively on a specific position or skill set in a sport, there is a camp that fits your needs. The diversity of sports is just as impressive: soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, football, gymnastics and many more.

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Check out these Sports camps:

Boulder Karate logo

Boulder Karate

Your child is going to have a blast while learning important life lessons at our Karate Summer Camps.  Each camp includes: uniform & belt for new participants, karate training every day, character building & life skills, study of the 5 Shaolin Animals, learning about our 5 values: Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Self Control, & Heart, exciting games, a variety of instructors throughout the summer, a sprinkle of our weekly theme each day, a pizza party on Friday every week, and more!

Check out Boulder Karate’s martial arts camps!

Core Soccer Academy's soccer camps in Colorado

Core Soccer Academy

Core Soccer Academy provides quality soccer instruction for players of all ages and ability levels. We offer both goalkeeping and field player training.

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Bounce Stapleton gymnastics and parkour camps in Colorado

Bounce Stapleton Camps

Bounce is a kids gymnastics studio located at the Stanley Market Place. We offer daily recreational gymnastics classes, open gym times, parkour classes, camps, and birthday parties. Our mission is to offer the best classes, taught by the best instructors, to the happiest students!

Explore Bounce Stapleton gymnastics & parkour camps

Pro Skills Basketball camps in Colorado

Pro Skills Basketball

At Pro Skills Basketball, our mission is to empower young athletes through a culture defined by the tenacious pursuit of self-improvement and the genuine desire to motivate players and improve kids’ lives.

Explore Pro Skills Basketball camps

Soccer IQ Academy's soccer camps in Colorado

Soccer IQ Academy

Soccer IQ Academy camps are incorporating individual skills with developing youth players in-game intelligence and ability to see the big picture on the field. Our curriculum is unique and based on curriculum of teams playing possession style of soccer in Europe

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Colorado Watersports logo

Colorado Watersports

A camp designed for the inner adventurers and explorers of your family. Where kids can be kids, learn new skills, explore the cove, going home happy and tired each day. We live in a world where 71% of the earths surface is covered in water. America is surrounded by water, with hundreds of lakes, reservoirs and rivers. How many children grow up in our country without being able to take advantage of the coastlines and boating facilities? Even in Denver, it is possible to enjoy watersports.

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Impact Sports Performance football camps in Colorado

Impact Sports Performance Camps

The premier sports performance training facility in Colorado offering training in proper running form, fast twitch, coordination, balance and change in direction all specific to football movement patterns and demands on the young athletes’ body.

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Diamond Club Baseball camps in Colorado

Diamond Club Baseball Camps

Diamond Club Baseball Camps, a national affiliate program of America’s Baseball Camps, provides year-round training to players of all ages and ability levels with the goal of making each individual a better player. With a very low camper-to-coach ratio, players will receive personalized instruction on the development of their physical and mental skills. We stress the importance of hard work, quality repetitions, focused intensity, positive attitude and the responsibility each player has to his teammates, coaches, parents and himself!

Explore Diamond Club Baseball camps

TGA Premier Sports camps in Colorado

TGA Premier Sports Camps

Join TGA for an action-packed week of multi-sport camp! Our camp provides an unparalleled experience for your child by combining expert instruction, fun games and drills to develop athletic and sport-specific skills, as well as STEAM Labs that allow campers to explore academic concepts like force, gravity, spin, and geometry through the lens of the sport. Campers will also learn about the rules of the game and key life lessons including teamwork, sportsmanship, perseverance, and leadership.

Explore TGA Premier Sports camps

Ocean First logo

Ocean First

How do sharks find their food? Is coral alive? Why are plastic bags dangerous for turtles? In our exciting summer camp, your child will explore these questions and learn about our amazing ocean and its inhabitants through hands-on activities, storytelling, and games. Each day focuses on a different marine topic with an emphasis on how we can help protect the ocean.

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