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Being outside is one of the best parts of Colorado, and the outdoor camps in Colorado certainly know how to explore everything the state has to offer. There are hundreds of day and overnight programs built to share these experiences with your kiddo, whether they want to do it by foot, bike, raft, climb or another way. All your options are right here.

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Lillard Fly Fishing Expeditions is an adventure education company specializing in wilderness
fly fishing camps for adolescents. We are dedicated to leading memorable, exciting, educational,
and most importantly, fun fly fishing camps for middle and high school students.

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The Kent Mountain Adventure Center Youth Rock Climbing Camps are designed to make the connection
and to bridge between indoor and outdoor climbing. Our climbing camps are based on traditional climbing
ethics and principles. We simply learn how to climb rock and have fun while doing it.

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The Colorado Mountain Club's Youth Education Program (YEP) offers a wide array of
Adventure Courses, year-round. Winter, spring, summer, and fall - you will find us
exploring the Rocky Mountains and surrounding areas through adventure and education.

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