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Our mission is to provide parents with a valuable, time-saving tool to find camps for their kids and to partner with camp organizations to help them optimize their programs.


In the spring of 2015, Andy had just started a new commercial real estate company. His wife asked him to spend some time booking summer camps for his son and daughter. “No problem,” he thought, “that will be a piece of cake.”  But after many hours of frustration, digging through Google search results and going to each and every camp’s website to learn more, he had a much different opinion. “There has got to be a better way. Where’s the Expedia.com for kids’ camps?” It didn’t exist, and it made the process painful.

  • How do you find or become aware of camps?
  • Why do you have to dig through pages and pages of Google search results?
  • Is this one any good?
  • How do I know if the camp is available for the dates I need?

Two years later, and after no one else had done it, Andy set out to build the better way by creating CampChamp.  And, after months of pestering, he convinced his “brother” Bret to help him figure it out.

So, here we are building the CampChamp community for the benefit of Colorado parents and camps. CampChamp makes it easier for families to find, compare, and book summer camps for their kids and we provide tools for camps to reach a broader audience, tell their story, and fill their camps.

Going through the process of consolidating all of these camps into our database has amazed us. The diversity of activities, focus, and opportunity mirrors all of the things we love about Colorado. Take a moment to explore all the great camps in Colorado – we are sure that you will find one that you have never heard of and would be perfect for your son or daughter.

Finally, feel free to let us know what we can do to help find the perfect camp for your kiddo. Our goal is to make the process amazingly simple, so CampChamp becomes your go-to resource for coordinating your time outside of school.


We are dedicated to making CampChamp an amazing experience for both parents and camps.  We leverage our diverse business and entrepreneurial backgrounds and continue to learn every day.

Andy Schlauch


At work – driven to build the “all-in-one” solution he thinks parents are missing; gritty and hard working; fueled by lots of coffee.

Outside of work – exercise, outdoors activities, and spending time with my family.

Family – My family is amazing! I am so grateful to have their love and support. Everything I do is for them.

Favorite camp experience – Tony Gwynn and Alan Trammell baseball camp in California. Had an amazing time learning first-hand from two of the best hitters in the game. Left me loving baseball and wishing I had the athletic ability to play the game for a living.

Bret Wilhoite


At work – solving problems to make the community stronger for other families and camps.

Outside of work – all things Colorado, mountain biking, skiing, fishing, etc., plus a heavy dose of carpooling and watching my kids in their various activities.

Family – Erin, my wife who sustains me, tells me when I am wrong, and somehow tolerates me; Trey, my son who always amazes with his appetite for knowledge about everything – no answer goes unquestioned; Ellie, my daughter who strives to wear flip-flops every day and will figure out a “winter flip-flop” eventually.

Favorite camp experience – Camp Voyageur in Ely, MN. I spent four summers there, canoeing and camping through the Boundary Waters and the Quetico. Carrying a pack, a canoe and getting bitten by mosquitos all at the same time is actually really good for the soul.