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Welcome to CampChamp!

CampChamp is the largest database of kids’ camps in Colorado. Search day camps, overnight camps, sports camps, arts camps, science camps, outdoor & adventure camps, technology camps, and more! Find the perfect summer camp for your kiddo. Coordinate with friends to find a camp that works for everyone.

Find. Compare. Book.

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The Largest Source of Camps in Colorado

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We aren’t really ones to toot our own horn, but we have 25x more camp sessions than the Denver Post and Colorado Parent combined.

There is no need to go anywhere else.


Finding a camp for kids is such a challenge. Camp Champ makes it so easy! Thank you Camp Champ!

Lucy S.

CampChamp is the perfect place to coordinate among friends to find the right camp for a whole group of kids or to be sure you get the right dates and prices for the whole family.

Elliott F.

OMG — CampChamp ROCKS!  The CampChamp experience as a user is super cool!  It’s easy, it happens all in one place.  YAY!  Game changer, guys.  Total game changer.

Erin T.

Parents are so busy these days. Why not accept help finding things for your kids to do this summer? Camp Champ makes it a one stop shop. Perfect.


What a great idea! Thanks Camp Champ for making scheduling summer camps a little bit easier!

Sara Y.

Great idea! About time someone started up a one-stop-shop for parents trying to figure out the maze of summer camp opportunities.

Kathleen W.

I love this! It is so easy to use and they have thousands of Colorado summer camps to pick from. Sports camp, education camp, faith-based camp, arts camp, technology camp, science camp – plus much more. You can search by location, gender, age and price. As a working mom this is definitely one of my bookmarks.

Kathy Z.

Love your site!

Rachael E.


CampChamp Makes It Easy

Find: Find the perfect camp for your kiddo. Search & filter by date, location, age, activity & more to find your camp.

Compare: Compare multiple camps side-by-side, rather than toggling between browser tabs.

Book: Register your child for partner camps directly on CampChamp. Or you can click-through to the camp’s site.

Pay: Pay the same amount (or less!) on CampChamp as you would on the camp’s website.

All in one place — and its FREE to use!


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners, who work with us to deliver the best camp experiences for Colorado kids.


Reach more parents! — increase exposure to parents looking for camps like yours.

Hit your target — get highly qualified leads and be in front of parents at the time they are looking to purchase.

Increase revenue — CampChamp can help you sell the inventory you don’t sell through your own sales channels.

Reduce costs — save money on directory and other listing services that charge you money for little to no promise of any return.

Spread the word! — leverage CampChamp’s sharing services that allow parents to share their favorite camps with friends.

List your camp sessions on CampChamp — its FREE!

Contact us to get set up!


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